The Success Spectrum Test

  • Created by Roger James Hamilton.
  • The Spectrum Test will show you what level of success you are.
  • The instant result and full report gives you your specific steps to take based on your level.
  • The clarity you get from this test will save you time, energy and money.
  • By understanding what your next step are help you get clear on what not to do.
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Spectrum E-Guide

“What is YOUR easiest, and most impactful next step to success?”

You might be thinking about starting your first company – or you have your hands full with your current company craving your time back. You may be a multi-millionaire property investor looking for a better team. Or you might be deep in debt ready to get rich quick. You could be comfortable in a job, but a friend recommended you take this test. Maybe you got here by accident, and are now curious as to where YOU are on the millionaire map

My point is I’m about to share with you your smartest, simplest next step to success, and you could be in any one of the situations I’ve mentioned – or you could be in any of a thousand other situations. There’s a solution for you, but before I share what it is, there’s a problem that needs to be addressed first:

We are being bombarded with conflicting advice all the time:

“Start a business, no be an investor; follow your passion, no detach from your business; keep your customers, no exit your business; focus on your team, no outsource everything; take risks, no hedge your bets…”

But given that we are all starting from different levels of success, experience and expertise, how do we know which advice is the right advice that is right for us, right now?  

Make sense?

The solution is knowing where you are right now and where you want to go before you seek direction. The Success Spectrum Test shows you where you are right now – and the steps that are relevant for you to take based on where you arebecause the right actions at one level are often the very worst actions at another level.

“Why should I take the Success Spectrum test?”

The Success Spectrum is a test that focuses ALL available knowledge on creating success, entrepreneurship and investing into one practical outcome, specifically tailored for you – the next step you need to take.

What will be your greatest costs on YOUR road to success?:

  • Wasting time and effort on strategies that just aren’t right for you.
  • Loosing money from opportunities you didn’t see in front of you.
  • Knocking your confidence down by risking too much or by waiting too long.
  • Getting confused by too much information and too many choices.
  • Regretting later and saying things like: “If I had only known back then what I know now”…

All these costs come from a lack of direction, not a lack of information. If you desire to go paragliding, skiing, scuba diving, or to go play football – the first question your instructor is likely to ask you is “what level are you?” The Success Spectrum will give you clarity on your success level – which means you can confidently make a next step that will build your certainty and not kill your confidence:

  • Your next steps to take are made clear: After taking the test, it’s much easier to decide what your next step is, because you know your level.  Is it more important to market yourself?  To put systems in place?  Find a CEO?  Look for financing options?  Or to sort out your personal finances? You’ll be able to make the right next step.
  • When you understand the next step you should take, your progress is in your hands: We can learn to play drums, understand DNA, travel to the moon, and send satellites out of our solar system, yet our success and business is still so mysterious. When you have a map and your location, confusion disappears and your progression toward your goals is completely up to you.
  • Having a clear understanding of the levels gives you a clear picture of your reality: Every level makes our reality seem like the only reality out there. The reason we get stuck in our business, stuck in debt, and stuck at a level of success or effectiveness, is simply because we don’t understand what the other levels are, and how they work – often completely opposite to the level we are at.

Success is a language: The more fluent we are, the more our mastery is seen in the results we achieve. The Success Spectrum categorizes into nine levels, which spans every level of success proficiency. All of the advice from authors you have read, speakers you’ve listened to and mentors you’ve admired is found within the Success Spectrum, and they always fit into specific steps to take.

Everyone from Bill Gates to Barack Obama, your next door neighbors, parents, and your children are somewhere on a step in the spectrum. From being in debt, to making millions of dollars, to printing trillions of dollars, we are all in the same spectrum. Everyone can move up or move down from where they are. Once they know where they are..

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“What do I get when I take the test?”

What do you get for $37 and ten minutes of your time to take the Success Spectrum test?

  • Your Wealth Prism

    Your Success Prism

    Find out which part of the prism you’re in: foundation, enterprise or alchemy. You might be shocked to find out which one you fall under.

  • Your Wealth Level

    Your Success Level

    Your precise level in the Success Spectrum, and what that means in relation to the other levels.

  • Your Pain & Gain

    Your Pain & Gain

    Every level has costs and benefits. Understanding these will give you new insight into why you’ve been stuck at one level.

  • Your 3 Steps

    Your 3 Steps

    What are the three steps you need to move you on to the next level on the prism? These steps will give you clear direction that you can follow immediately.

  • The Wealth Profiles

    The Success Profiles

    You will learn how each Success Profile uses a different strategy in order to move from step to step in the Success Spectrum.

  • The OneLife Lighthouse

    The OneLife Lighthouse

    Discover books you should read, mentors you need to follow and sites you can visit in a user friendly library and resource center we call the lighthouse.

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“WOW! Are you still reading?”

If you’re here, right at the bottom of this page, you’re most likely here for one of three reasons:

  1. You’re impatient: Yep, you didn’t really read anything, but quickly scrolled to the end to see what’s here. If that’s you, I HIGHLY recommend that you go back and actually read the information above (or at the very least, watch one of the videos!). Similarly, don’t take the test just so you can know the answer. You should take the test because you will be able to start asking the right questions. If you run up a mountain, you’re more likely to fall off. Less haste and more pace.
  2. You’re skeptical: You can’t believe a simple test will give you the clear vision I promise. The good news is, you’re still reading. If that sounds like you, I recommend that you spend a little time on some of the sites here until you are ready to take the test for yourself. If you’re not ready, don’t take the test until you are. It’s not about whether the test works. It’s about if you want to work it work.
  3. You’re uncertain: You’re ready to go, but you just want to browse a bit more before you take an action. My advice to you is – take the test now. We give you information on the entire spectrum once you take the test. It’s like going to a restaurant and trying to decide from the menu what you want to order, the waiter says to you: “Just choose anything and we’ll let you try everything”.

Thank you so much for your time, and please remember – the quickest way to your pot of gold is just to paint your own rainbow.

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